The Company

Ribs 'N Rockets
Opening Day – with a little help from a friend. Thanks Dale.

Our solar powered rib shack operates at Kits Beach from May – Oct and the rest of the year at various locations around the Lower Mainland is owned and operated by Noons Fine Foods Inc., a Vancouver based company dedicated to creating exciting, healthy and sustainable food products in the mobile, retail and wholesale food sectors.

None of the meat products use preservatives, medications or growth hormones. The suppliers of our meat, produce and beverage products are carefully chosen and our watchwords are: local, organic, sustainable.

Our Story:

Our solar powered rib shack offers a new exciting food experience. Ribs ‘N Rockets  is one of the first solar powered food trucks in Vancouver. Our mobile rib shack is a custom-built pine structure that serves up rib dinners, homemade chili and ‘Rockets’, a new hand held food item that has become very popular on Vancouver’s busy Kits beach.

The concept was created by Shannon Loeber, a local author and food diva who grew up in the restaurant business and is the president co-founder of Noons Fine Foods Inc., the company that owns and operates the food cart.wisewomans-cookery

People are looking for innovative, healthy, low fat options that support the local organic food industry. We partner with BC producers that embrace natural husbandry and sustainable agricultural practices; suppliers that are raising the bar for high quality, locally grown food. Our suppliers are carefully chosen; none of our meat products use preservatives, medications or growth hormones. All food packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and/or compostable and the enterprise goal is to leave as small an eco-footprint as possible.

The Rockets and other food offerings are based on the recipes that Shannon developed over the years, some of which are featured in her book, Wisewoman’s Cookery. The feature Rib Rocket uses the same rich, delicious recipe as her signature ribs, but is made into small hand-held ‘Rockets’ that are filo-wrapped and baked to perfection, served on a bed of apple/cabbage/carrot coleslaw and accompanied with a hand crafted dipping sauce.

Ribs ‘N Rockets also offers thirst quenching, iced sparkling waters using naturally flavoured fruit and berry syrups from BC producers with no preservatives or additives. Great design, fabulous food and beverages that are sourced locally and staff who love food and are engaged in promoting a great food experience are what will make Ribs ‘N Rockets a welcome (and quiet) addition to your movie set.