Ribs ‘N Rockets is one of the first solar powered food truck in Vancouver. The rib shack is a custom-built pine structure that serves up some of the best rib dinners in town.  In our inaugural season at Kits Beach this past summer beach goers discovered our ‘Rockets’, a new hand held food item that has become very popular as a light meal or snack and increasingly folks stopped by to pick up some our frozen ribs or rockets to enjoy at home.

The concept was created by Shannon Loeber, a local author, filmmaker and food diva who grew up in the restaurant business and is the president co-founder of Noons Fine Foods Inc. the company that owns and operates the food cart.

Vancouverites are looking for innovative, low-fat options that support the local organic food industry. We partner with BC producers that embrace natural husbandry and sustainable agricultural practices. It t is exciting to work with so many suppliers that are raising the bar for high quality, locally grown food.